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Mya JoDa` Jones, Master Stylist/Colorist

The word around town is, I am one of Kansas City/Lee's Summit top hair stylist, and I am very grateful for that. I take pride in my profession. My styles are crisp and precise. I specialize in one thing, and that is PERFECTION. My goal is to give you the look that you desire. My sophisticated clients' image mean a lot to them and that is why they choose me. Every curl is placed giving you an original look that only I can create. When my clients are out in public, they are often followed by an intrigued person that can't take their eyes off their hair and must know the name of their stylist.

I give you great customer service along with exquisite hair. I use products that result in healthy hair and hair growth. My styles are often imitated but never duplicated! Book your appointment now so you can experience styles by Mya JoDá, aka Hair Style Artist

My creativity doesn't end in the chair. I have showcased my work on many stages. I've competed in hair shows and battled other stylists live onstage. I have consistently placed in the top 2, with most times graciously winning first place.

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I'Brianna Moore, Beauty Professional/Stylist

I continue to educate myself to become a master in my craft. My frontals are considered Flawless.

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Jessica Howard, Business Director & Customer Relations

"Love being part of the team"

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Crystal Jones, Seamstress & Costume Designer

"Creativity and customer service, what we do best"

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